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Mama’s little helpers

A long long time ago, in very different times, a little girl had a beautiful dress with the words – ‘mama’s little helper’. She loved that dress because of what those words meant. She felt great joy in helping her mama. Cut to 2017 and that little girl is now mother to two and she… Continue reading Mama’s little helpers

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When do I PLAY?

This seemingly innocuous (though highly exasperated) question was asked by my older child. I was of course taken aback by this question and stated – “you have so much time to play, now hurry up and get ready, you are getting late for your piano class.” Very grudgingly he obliged and life continued on for that… Continue reading When do I PLAY?


Hello Facebook. How Are You Today?

‘Just Peachy’, Facebook thought and woke up in the morning. Like a well-mannered person Facebook wished everyone a superb good morning and since Facebook was feeling especially poetic this morning, Facebook wished with a heartfelt quote on how to treat the day ahead. Some friends liked this zest for the morning and others loved the… Continue reading Hello Facebook. How Are You Today?

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Why are we not AFRAID enough?

Its surprising and even ironic that we as parents do so much for our children – we literally live for our children and the children become our entire world BUT yet we are either oblivious to the fact or believe it wont happen to us. What is this fact? Eating food laden with pesticides, chemicals,… Continue reading Why are we not AFRAID enough?

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Dive into a Magical Sea World with a little storyteller and his vivid imagination

Here’s my wish list for a busy day – I want my children out of trouble and amply occupied, preferably without TV or another electronic gadget. Unfortunately on most such days I resort to the easiest option and switch on the TV for them. By monitoring the type of content, I reassure myself that at… Continue reading Dive into a Magical Sea World with a little storyteller and his vivid imagination

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The many faces of a summer Guide and his Follower

Like any other child, my children Peanut and Buttercup too love travels and the fun of exploring new places. This time around they also got to play a few new roles. We had a role reversal of sorts. There were days when I ceased to be a mother and my children became our guides. And… Continue reading The many faces of a summer Guide and his Follower


A Magic Potion

There is magic everywhere and usually when you are completely open to all that the universe can give you and often times when you are least expecting it, a little dust of magic is thrown your way and it changes your life for good. This is how my munchkins and I felt and continue to… Continue reading A Magic Potion