Once Upon A Time…

Those 4 words open up a whole world of fantasy and fun. A mother could go on shouting without anyone paying any heed, but softly utter those 4 words and ears are perked up instantly. That is the power of stories and the art of storytelling, which has forever enthralled children and adults alike. There… Continue reading Once Upon A Time…


The Impact Of Words On Gender Equality

Unknowingly… very very unknowingly we utter whole sentences with all the best intentions, only for it to backfire. Words are a very crucial part of communicating and while we would go insane trying to be aware of every single word we utter, we still need to be mindful when we are talking about the big… Continue reading The Impact Of Words On Gender Equality


The mystery of the missing dog

“Where’s my doggie? I had left him here but I cant find him. This is such a mystery.” and many such exclamations were made by 4 year old Buttercup on her way to bed. The fact that we had somehow been successful in getting her to head to bed was now lost. Bed time was… Continue reading The mystery of the missing dog


Giraffes Can’t Dance…

…Oh but they can; and if you read the book by that name it will beautifully show you how Giraffes CAN dance. I don’t know about my children but it is one of MY favourite bedtime books to read to the children. They maybe too young to understand the many many layers of meaning implied… Continue reading Giraffes Can’t Dance…


Beautiful lessons from a Toddler

This Monday morning was no different from any other Monday morning. Dragging ourselves out of bed after a hectic and fun weekend, we ran around cleaning potties, making beds, urging kids to get ready, making, eating and getting kiddos to eat their breakfast and then rushing out the door to be in time for school.… Continue reading Beautiful lessons from a Toddler


Talk up a storm and then Read some

We all want super brainy children. Sure we don’t want to achieve this by pressurizing them but yet we want them to be smart and intellectually bright. Remember popping folic acid tablets before, during and after pregnancy? Well that was the very first step to ensure proper brain development. A right start for right growth.… Continue reading Talk up a storm and then Read some

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Dive into a Magical Sea World with a little storyteller and his vivid imagination

Here’s my wish list for a busy day – I want my children out of trouble and amply occupied, preferably without TV or another electronic gadget. Unfortunately on most such days I resort to the easiest option and switch on the TV for them. By monitoring the type of content, I reassure myself that at… Continue reading Dive into a Magical Sea World with a little storyteller and his vivid imagination