On the Move

Around the world, people have been on the move for eons. As a family we never dared to buck that trend. My forefathers moved from Pakistan to India during partition. Then both my paternal and maternal grandfathers decided to join the Army. 5 and 3 children on either side moved with their parents at the… Continue reading On the Move


The Invisible Monster called Indoor Air Pollution

#CleanAirBeautifulHomes We stay within 4 cosy walls and call it home. We make a lot of effort in keeping it clean. But is it really? Sure, some will clean but only till their home thresholds, while others will literally wash their dirty linen in public. Then there are the OCD sets, which go on a… Continue reading The Invisible Monster called Indoor Air Pollution


There Are 2 Sides To Every Story, Even Breastfeeding!

Breastfeeding (BF) isn’t really all that it’s made out to be and Formula feed (FF) isn’t that devil lurking in the shadows either! Ask the mothers who had painful breastfeeding experiences (low milk supply, baby latching issues, debilitating back pain) or ask the mothers who fed formula milk ( ease of going back to work, moving around and… Continue reading There Are 2 Sides To Every Story, Even Breastfeeding!


Alternatives To ‘Good Touch-Bad Touch’ Lessons

Rape, molestation, wrong touch are all severe and heinous violations and when that happens to a child, the child is robbed of his/her innocence, among the many other irreversible scars! With the recent appalling Mumbai incident, Hubby and self were finally ready to sit our kids down and take them through the good-bad touch concepts! … Continue reading Alternatives To ‘Good Touch-Bad Touch’ Lessons

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Mama’s little helpers

A long long time ago, in very different times, a little girl had a beautiful dress with the words – ‘mama’s little helper’. She loved that dress because of what those words meant. She felt great joy in helping her mama. Cut to 2017 and that little girl is now mother to two and she… Continue reading Mama’s little helpers

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When do I PLAY?

This seemingly innocuous (though highly exasperated) question was asked by my older child. I was of course taken aback by this question and stated – “you have so much time to play, now hurry up and get ready, you are getting late for your piano class.” Very grudgingly he obliged and life continued on for that… Continue reading When do I PLAY?


Look what the doctor ordered!? Worms!

And I’m proudly serving it straight up. Whether we like it or not, the one person we will trust are our children’s doctor. So when in this ultra clean, highly sanitized world, a doctor recommends regular farm visits so that the children can come in contact with worms and microorganisms, I was but naturally taken aback.… Continue reading Look what the doctor ordered!? Worms!