A business psychologist who turned full time ( and I mean 24X7) mother to my son Peanut and daughter Buttercup. The joy of being a mother to these 2 chipmunks (and yes the frustrations too) and all the love on a moment to moment basis spurred me to air my views on parenthood. As I guide my babies to navigate the ‘jungle gym’ called life, I inadvertently become the student and they my teachers…of life. Parenthood is complex and very very ( can’t say it enough!!) personal. There are no rights or wrongs ( usually ☺) in bringing up children. This is life as I know it, as I’m experiencing it.

A warm welcome to my home and its many adventures.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi jyotsana
    I happened to read ur blog on mycity4kids. I blog there too. Loved reading ur writings. Do you live in kathmandu? I’ve shifted here few months back. Feeling lost sometimes. Would love to have a friend here.

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    1. Hi Manushi, Apologies for the really late revert. Been busy moving cities :). My parents live in KTM and i visit them every summer. Will connect with you once Im in KTM this year. Hope you are feeling more settled by now.
      Best wishes


  2. Hi there,

    I found your blog after one of my friends shared it with me on Facebook and wanted to run a few things by you. I’m working on a wedding/event venue project, and I think it’s something you could definitely relate to. Let me know if you have a moment to discuss.




  3. Hi Jyotsana. 🙂 I happened to stumble across your blog, and I’m glad I did! You have a wonderful little piece of webspace over here. I read through some of your posts and found myself smiling, nodding, and laughing through a lot of it. I’m a blogger too (I have a blog where I write letters to my two little sons) and I can relate to a lot of what you’re talking about in here. I’ll definitely be back again. Keep up the good work!


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