Once Upon A Time…

Those 4 words open up a whole world of fantasy and fun.

A mother could go on shouting without anyone paying any heed, but softly utter those 4 words and ears are perked up instantly. That is the power of stories and the art of storytelling, which has forever enthralled children and adults alike. There is oodles of magic, hints of mystery and the story is at the discretion of the storyteller. It can go one way today and a totally different direction tomorrow. Peaking imagination, laughing at histrionics, holding onto every word of the storyteller are just some of the things that make stories so endearing.

But the best stories and definitely the most imaginative stories come from the least uninhibited minds – the children. Absolutely anything catches their fancy (a blade of grass can be a sword or the tall tower can be a giant) and suddenly that is their universe and just as naturally stories are spun off from that ‘thing’.


And that is just what happened when the children got to play with space characters from the Colgate toothpaste boxes. It was difficult to contain their excitement as they opened the boxes. Somehow I managed to hold them off till the characters were cut out from the box  and just like that without any prodding the characters came alive and the story began ( one of many!). One story was about a planet who was angry as he didnt get invited to a Space Boy’s Party. The Sun had to come out to pacify this planet. Then slowly the other planets came out too and this made the angry planet happy and they all had fun.

Another delectable story was:

One day Peanut and Buttercup decided to go on the most adventurous ride ever. They wanted to take the ride to the Sun. They wanted to meet all the wonderful planets, play with stars and sleep under the soft moonbeam. Peanut and Buttercup built a rocketship and on Sunday after having parantha and chocolate shake, they decided to start their journey.

Peanut was flying the rocket and Buttercup was the navigator. Just as they entered into space a fast comet whizzed past by. The speed of the comet put their rocket into a different path and instead of going to the Sun, they landed at Saturn. Saturn planet was very helpful, it had most amazing and beautiful rings giving it the most colorful look ever. Saturn told Peanut and Buttercup to not worry because he knew the correct way to Sun. He took out his phone and put maps on his phone which gave the right way for them to follow.

Now they were back on their journey and as they started approaching the Sun, they started feeling very hot, just then they saw the smiling planet of Mars. This is also called as the red planet because the heat of the Sun makes it super red all the time. Peanut and  Buttercup’scheeks were also red like the planet Mars. Mars became their friend and gave them an amazing ice-cream. This was a magical ice-cream which wouldn’t melt even in the heat of Mars. After having the ice-cream, they both started their journey again and very soon they were at Sun. Sun saw them having the ice-cream and said ‘even I want to have the ice-cream’. Then Peanut, Buttercup, Mars and Sun had lots of magical ice-cream. After this yummy treat, Peanut and Buttercup started to fly back home in their rocket because it was getting dark and mama and papa were waiting for them at dinner.

The end.

I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.


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