Hello Facebook. How Are You Today?

‘Just Peachy’, Facebook thought and woke up in the morning. Like a well-mannered person Facebook wished everyone a superb good morning and since Facebook was feeling especially poetic this morning, Facebook wished with a heartfelt quote on how to treat the day ahead. Some friends liked this zest for the morning and others loved the philosophical note.

Facebook was happy to see the response and kick started the day by singing Happy Birthday for a friend and sending him a big 2 tier custom cake. Other family and friends (F&F) very much liked this gesture. While sending the cake, Facebook was simultaneously saddened to know about another friend’s missing wallet, wowed by how tall a friend’s child had grown and loved that cute puppy of another friend.

The morning cuppa coffee brewed in the coffee machine was particularly good today, and lounging in the morning rays, Facebook being the best friend ever and wanting to involve everyone in that out-of-the-ordinary morning, shared this joy, with the steam making a happy smile in the photo against the backdrop of the sunrise. Family and friends (F&F) couldn’t believe their luck at having such a considerate friend and joined in the morning glory by reciprocating their love and making a comment or two. Others were just plain wowed by such a scenic morning. Again Facebook was pleased and liked the conversations.

Since the morning had been busy spending time with family and friends (F&F), Facebook was now really late for work and rushed through the morning routine. Out came a burnt toast and an overdone egg. And how sour was that orange juice? The therapist had said to connect with F&F on an ongoing basis and so Facebook shared this anomaly with family and friends telling them of how the morning took a lousy turn. Now seriously late for work, Facebook was out of the door and in the rush, stubbed the little toe. That ‘ouch’ was reserved only for Facebook to know and feel.

Driving alone to work is never fun and thankfully Facebook had the ever so loyal F&F who regularly kept Facebook company. Today they had sympathized on how the breakfast had turned out. One hand was busy steering the car while the other hand held the family’s hand to reassure them that all was ok. After all, ‘touch’ is what the doctor had ordered. Then some nitwit friend found the burnt breakfast situation hilarious and laughed out loud. Distracted by the friend’s laugh, Facebook accidentally scraped another vehicle. After a long battle of harsh words and a quick click of the dent, Facebook got moving again, but not before sharing how anger invoking that incident was – ‘How dare the other driver not look and drive? Don’t people have any driving sense? India needs strict laws on road etiquettes.’ F&F were naturally shocked to see such road rage by other drivers. Some were saddened by the state of affairs in India and others angrily shared their thoughts on India being doomed.

But life must go on and so Facebook got to work. Facebook was a very hard and thorough worker. The boss had not yet got around to seeing that quality in Facebook, but sitting in that office did make Facebook look powerful and majestic. F&F felt proud of Facebook’s achievement.

Basking in that glory, Facebook nearly forgot the hair appointment. Logging out of work, Facebook headed to the hairdresser and got a new haircut. The second this month, but this cut was the latest. Three weeks ago, some friends had commented how ‘that haircut was the best haircut but made the beautiful Facebook look old, and you are so young’. Paying heed to those comments, Facebook now posed with a posh bob.  The left angle of the face really brought out the eye colour and hid that twisty nose. Unfortunately for all that excitement, the response was a dampener. Only a few made the effort to like the haircut.

This made Facebook very upset and as a result Facebook lashed out the dad who had joined Facebook for their routine Friday movie night. Oh shucks, Facebook had forgotten to update F&F about this extraordinary movie evening with dad. While sharing with others about the cheerful experience with dad, the poor dad interjected asking if Facebook wanted that special popcorn. ‘Oh Dad, please stop disturbing me and please dad, my name is not Facebook. That is so uncool. Please call me FB!’ and with that FB continued with sharing the magical evening with F&F.

The gloss of that chocolate coated popcorn with that healthy new organic juice by its side looked heavenly. And F&F heartily agreed and were happy to see Facebook take the healthy route.

 The movie had long started and ‘oh my god! Ranveer’s biceps were to die for’. FB knew X,Y,Z friends would love to know about it and especially shared it with them. Together they ‘oohed and aahhed’ at those biceps. ‘It really was so much fun when we did things together with friends’ – FB thought feeling happy. The friends agreed and loved her mood.

But the nagging thought that the haircut had not garnered enough traction was pulling FB down. ‘Maybe this haircut really was not that great or worse it brought out my double chin. Oh no, I must immediately change my look’. But FB could not share those innermost feelings with ‘close’ F&F and so FB pushed that thought deep down and took another appointment with the hairdresser.

A quick kiss and hug goodbye to dad for the magical evening and FB hit the gym. FB was super tired and a part of FB wanted to jump into bed but F&F were waiting to see how those calf muscles were developing day by day. FB had to do it for her F&F.

During the gym routine, F&F showed their unanimous support of the ‘best’ haircut FB had ever had and with those glowing reviews, FB powered on in the gym. FB made a mental note to cancel the hairdresser appointment. FB looked gorgeous as evidenced by others wows and super likes. FB had never doubted that! Loving the self-confidence and feeling super generous FB took a couple of selfies in the gym. The F&F who were always by FB’s side, raved about FB’s new avatar, which was so different from the previous evening.

Even though sleep was fast taking over, FB couldn’t call it a night just yet. FB was in the middle of a raging war with the now traveling partner. The therapist had ranted about the importance of regular communication with close ones, and doing just that, the dutiful and caring FB expressed undying love for the partner by shouting out to the world – ‘Baby, I thought of you every second, of every minute, of every hour of the day and really missed you. You are the most loving partner one could wish for. Come back soon. Safe Travels. Good Night.

P.S. I Love You.

P.P.S. Wish you a very Happy Pre Valentine’s Day’.

Image Courtesy: Pixabay


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