This Is The Best Way To Avoid Sagging Skin Once You Become a Mom

One look at my two munchkins and I knew my life had changed forever. But somehow my body thought I needed a constant reminder that I had given birth – by leaving behind that stubborn tummy bulge! I had done everything right (or so I had thought) from practicing yoga, working till the day of delivery, taking as little stress as possible and eating right. In fact, I even considered myself super lucky to get back to my post pregnancy weight after delivery! But that sagging skin around the lower part of my tummy refused to budge.

I wanted to jump into my pre pregnancy attire but that sagging skin in my midriff stopped me. It was a roller coaster of emotions, what with the joy of being a new mommy combined with the depressing sagging skin! Sure, my vanity was hurt but to be honest, it indicated that I needed to do something about it.

And then I quickly realized that I wasn’t the only new mommy distressed by this. Apparently it’s quite tough to avoid sagging skin (some have less, some have more but we all have it). The simple logic for this is that for nine months the tummy skin has been stretched to its complete limit. Naturally, when the baby comes out, that extra skin won’t just vanish. That sure would be a miracle all mommies would hope for!

Alas, in the absence of any such miracles, it’s left to us mortals to help ourselves. In the long run, this is what helped me to get rid of sagging skin once I became a mom: Click Here


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