Beautiful lessons from a Toddler


This Monday morning was no different from any other Monday morning. Dragging ourselves out of bed after a hectic and fun weekend, we ran around cleaning potties, making beds, urging kids to get ready, making, eating and getting kiddos to eat their breakfast and then rushing out the door to be in time for school.

After the morning storm had settled and I sat down to work on my laptop I noticed a little heart drawn on it. Normally I would have been hopping mad to see a scribble on an otherwise reasonably scratch free laptop but that little heart doodle gave me a huge poke deep in my heart and that’s when I realized that in the morning madness I had missed my daughter’s call for attention and love and appreciation.

Buttercup will invariably be found with a pencil in her hand and scurrying around the home looking for paper to draw her next masterpiece. Even while watching TV she is busy drawing. And today was no different. All ready for school she had a few spare moments and out came the pencil and paper (Its interesting how she can never find either of these when I ask her to but otherwise its always around her) and as I was clearing the table of the breakfast remnants she said ‘look mama I can write 2 and 4’. Stopping for but only a second I looked at the paper and quickly gave her a kiss and hug and said awesome and started walking away. But she continued, ‘Mama I can draw a heart also’. Since I was walking away I just distractedly said (without even turning back), ‘ wonderful Buttercup’ and carried on with my chores.

Could I have paid more attention to her? Could I have put my regular chores on hold till she went to school? Yes and yes for both questions but the reality is that it does not happen as often as we would love to and so these teeny tiny ‘love’ opportunities get missed.

But knowing Buttercup with her big love she found a way to ensure I feel her love even when she is away and so she left me a piece of her heart by way of her heart doodle. I couldn’t have been happier. Guilty but happy nevertheless.

She is truly a little girl with a very big heart and so far these are the love lessons she is reaffirming in our lives –

Hug like there is no tomorrow: If you want a hug that will melt away your worries, come right over, for she gives the biggest, tightest hugs EVER. I am very serious when I say this cause she will literally throttle you if you are not careful and often I find myself telling her to hug less tightly fearing for the other kids safety. More about Hugs here-Jaadu ki Jhappi

Give without expecting anything in return: Buttercup will happily give up her last piece of chocolate if her big brother asks EVEN when she knows that he will not share his piece. She will take out the best toys she has when friends come over even if she knows they will spoil it or worse break it.

People trump material possessions: Unlike her elder brother – Peanut, she doesn’t demand the next big thing in toyland from her Maasi or grandparents even though she can, knowing full well her wish will be fulfilled. For Buttercup, it’s all about people. Toys and TV are a mere distraction when no one is around; and gives only temporary satisfaction when her loved ones are around. If she knows hubby and self are busy she will rarely trouble us but if we are just making idle conversation in another room, we expect her to make her grand smiling entry in seconds and then she is happy in our laps, being cuddled and telling us her stories even as her brother happily plays on his own in another room.

Actions speak louder than words: This little missy of ours has an ego that matches her love filled heart. She will not say sorry but will sulk away in a corner knowing she has done something naughty. It took us a while to understand why that sorry took so long (if it ever came at all). The reason we gathered is that because she loves so big and gives it her everything, she hurts big too. She feels miserable when others are not happy and if the reason of their unhappiness is her then she feels terrible. You know she is very sorry when a while after her naughty act she will come and give you a big hug ad kiss and sit quietly in the lap. Other times when she senses you are having a crazy day she will sneak in a ‘I love you’ with her bear tight hug and leave you only when you are smiling.

Sprinkle some love notes: I always thought I would get such a note from my hubby but my daughter beat him to it with her heart doodle. It felt so nice to see that little heart as a BIG reminder of the love that we are blessed with. And what a great way to kickstart a Monday.

Thank you Buttercup for reminding me that its all about the ‘love’.


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