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Why are we not AFRAID enough?

Its surprising and even ironic that we as parents do so much for our children – we literally live for our children and the children become our entire world BUT yet we are either oblivious to the fact or believe it wont happen to us.

What is this fact? Eating food laden with pesticides, chemicals, fertilizers, antibiotics and even growth hormones will kill us, slowly but surely, in ways we would not want to leave this mother earth.

What are the impacts of eating all this? Your daughter / son will physically develop a lot faster than her psychological self, implying that she/he will struggle to cope up with the fast changing body, potentially leading to a lot of psychological issues. Ok maybe your little one will grow up stronger than expected but how will she combat the carcinogens that you have pumped into her body since she was little**.

So, you are a pure vegetarian and therefor you think you are saved from the arsenics and antibiotics and growth hormones found in poultry / eggs? Don’t sit too pretty yet – your children’s future and health is just as bleak as the non-vegetarians, if you are not consuming organically produced food. Usage of certain environmental chemicals, including pesticides termed as endocrine disruptors, has been shown to have long-term, low-dose exposure is increasingly linked to human health effects such as immune suppression, hormone disruption, diminished intelligence, reproductive abnormalities and cancer***.

The overwhelming research on adverse affects of continued consumption of non-organic produce is frightening to say the least. I have only shared 2-3 references but feel free to Google the bad world of non-organic.

Seen a sparrow lately? What about the magnificent vulture? Count yourself lucky if you do. Take a selfie with the sparrow and show it to your children, because years from now, they maybe extinct. TOI Article

Taking it forward from the TOI article, one can argue that the birds ingested these crop pesticides in very large quantities but lets not fool ourselves to believe that it will have no impact on us. Years of consuming non-organic food will take its toll. Slow and steady, it will.

In the bygone days, the doodhwala was faulted and admonished for adding water to the milk. What are we doing about the milk we are consuming today? Yes its not been diluted with water but I’ll take water diluted milk any day over the chemical laden milk. The milk comes from the cow. The cow is fed growth enhancers, is not allowed to roam free, grazes on grass that has been grown with pesticides and chemicals and this vicious cycle continues.

Now we know (if we didn’t before) and are aware of the adverse impacts of eating non-organic food. So why are we not afraid enough? And if we are scared – what are we really doing about it?

To protect our families, diligent homemakers spend hours washing veggies/ pulses, but this only removes the outer dirt and yes now we have fruit and veggie washes which will possibly remove a few more germs but what about the devil resting inside? How will we clean that?

Fact – It takes minimum 3 years of no chemical / pesticide usage, for the soil to be considered cleansed. Food then produced on this soil is considered and certified organic. If it takes soil 3 years, imagine the urgency with which we need to embrace organic lifestyle to start our internal cleansing process.

The only way to save our children and us is to start eating organically produced grains, vegetables, fruits, milk and free-range poultry. Once you are on this bandwagon – then its cosmetics, household items… really the list to organic living is endless.

It’s a scary world we live in. You have to watch your back nowadays but more importantly you have to watch what you eat. Because chances are higher of getting knocked off by what you eat than what springs up from behind you. Do your children and your old age a huge favor and start the transition to organic living.

The good life is never really smooth sailing so yes there are still some roadblocks to moving in this healthy direction.

  • Price is one big factor. Organically produced food is more expensive than the other kind of food. But if demand increases it should get better priced. And really it’s not such a big price to pay for the family’s health. Health is wealth, right? So think about it as a health SIP (systematic investment plan) for your future health; insurance towards the endless hospital bills you will save in the future! Still not worth stretching your pocket then best case- grow your own veggie patch. I actually managed to grow spinach from organic seeds and no chemicals in a pot and within a few days I had a whole bunch I could cook with. I know friends who grow all sorts of other veggies that are good enough for the family’s consumption.
  • Sourcing these foods while becoming easier is still not rampant. I still struggle to find good organic veggies / fruits. The stuff I get is just not good enough quality. But again if demand increases hopefully more farmers will take the organic route and quality will be forced to improve. Already there are organic chocolate makers (That’s really my ultimate ☺).
  • Spurious products in the garb of organic produce are making the way into the market. Therefore importantly do check for certifications and do your research. A growing number of organic producers are more than happy to welcome visitors on their premises and share their organic journey. This should definitely be the icing on the cake for the skeptics out there.

Start small…start slow… or jump head on…either way start organic living.

This is not a fad anymore…it’s a necessity…a way of life.

Still need more convincing? Then do see Satyamev Jayate’s video on this issue – Toxic food – Poison on our plate? –


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