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Dive into a Magical Sea World with a little storyteller and his vivid imagination

Manan story telling

Here’s my wish list for a busy day – I want my children out of trouble and amply occupied, preferably without TV or another electronic gadget. Unfortunately on most such days I resort to the easiest option and switch on the TV for them. By monitoring the type of content, I reassure myself that at least they are learning something. Octonauts is the hot favourite for my kids and just seeing how quickly both my children were spewing interesting and factual trivia about the under sea world, I was ok to let this TV time continue. Heck, I didn’t know about the Mariana Trench till Peanut very assuredly spoke about it and thinking he’s just making up some words I double checked on google and I felt both elated and proud that I had learnt from my little son.

But while TV, Tablets, computers, phones are all great learning gadgets, they do little to fire up the imagination. And if you have ever left your child alone and gadget free for a couple of minutes you will know what I’m talking about. Cars start vrooming and racing with each other, dolls become babies and dress up happens.

And who needs toys? When amply idle, my kitchen is ransacked by Peanut and Buttercup to fuel up their imagination. The can opener is turned and twisted and suddenly becomes a roaring dinosaur, the ice cream scoop becomes a shovel and if I do not catch my two monkeys fast enough, pots and pans and different lids (latest fascination) are soon to be found in their room.

And it’s a universal child ‘thing’ to imagine and cook up stories at the drop of a hat if only they are given a chance. Something like what Colgate has done here

As a mother I strive to have more of their imagination running amok, than the TV volume blurring out life. Like others, I’m constantly on the lookout for activities that can spur on the kids imagination while simultaneously helping them learn something

Fresh after seeing ‘Finding Dory’ the kids and me came across the Colgate Magical Sea World Pack. It was difficult to contain their excitement as I cut out the sea characters from the box. Wide-eyed Peanut and Buttercup couldn’t believe that all the sea creatures had come alive. They were then left to enter the magical world of imagination with the cut-outs. Later I sat with them and told them I was too tired to tell a story tonight and if they could narrate a story to me instead. Peanut excitedly volunteered with a story of a man going to a treasure ship to get treasure for his 2 friends– the swordfish and the octopus. Watch the video for the juicy details. All I can say is that ‘all lived happily ever after.  The End.’- ☺

And just like that a storyteller was born. Every time these characters are brought out we get to hear different versions with new twists and turns and the family is transported to a Magical Sea World.



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