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Importance of catching up on lost growth

Right off the bat let me state that it is super duper important for children to catch up on lost growth.

But what is lost growth? Growth is measured against standard benchmarks and if you are a parent like me, your child would have been plotted on a growth chart from the minute he/ she was born. The experts monitor the baby’s growth minutely, but as they start to grow and become full-fledged toddlers the onus of growth is largely left to the parents to manage. Are they matching up with respect to height and weight with their peers or are they month on month falling behind? To be certain if your child is on the right track or lagging behind his/her peers, its best to measure them up against standardized charts like the one provided by Horlicks –

How did the slow growth even happen? The usual suspects for slow growth are nutrition, hormonal imbalances, family history etc. I remember the time when my little one was off the weight chart sitting in the lower average percentile and those were flustering times to get her back on track. One really cannot do much about genetics or family history but if nutrition is the culprit then that’s something parents can get cracking on.

But parents don’t really have it easy. So compounding the situation further is that most toddlers (blessed are you, if you do not fall in either of the 2 categories) either succumb to viruses oh so easily or / and are fussy little eaters. God only knows with how much difficulty I get my 2 toddlers (fussy eaters) on a good nutritious track and then BAM! they fall ill and that’s the end of my nutrition plan till they start getting better. And by the time they have recovered their tastes have changed and most often they have gotten even fussier.

Its in these troubled times that I completely rely on nutrition supplements that can be added to milk. The kiddos love it and it’s my bribe to get them to finish up their food! The result: 2 energetic bright kids with a fairly good immunity most year round.

As parents we want nothing but the best for our children and yet our best efforts are in vain, if the children are suffering from delayed growth due to nutrition. Because then they are most definitely missing out on key nutrients, vitamins and minerals that can help them develop at a normal pace.

A child with slow growth has to face many a challenges from low immunity that prevents the child to interact with others as he/she is continuously ill, to continuous lethargy and less energy while playing with friends and worst off if the slow growth trend continues unchecked then it can take a toll on the cognitive functioning of the child.

A child smaller and weaker than his peers is likely to get picked on and may not be able to keep up with his bigger friends. So while slow growth may start as a physical concern, it can just as quickly spiral downwards towards mental health issues and sociability concerns ( of course the nature of the child will play a large part in this but why gamble on that when nutrition can easily be upped with diets rich in natural foods and nutritional supplements).

So yes, its very important for children to catch up on lost growth, if for nothing else then to give them a FAIR chance in developing into the most amazing beings they could be.




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