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When’s The Best Time To Take A Bath: Morning Or Night?


What seems like a very plain jane question, has people taking very clear stubborn sides. Sides are drawn, swords come out and the battlefield is ready.

People either have a bath at night OR in the morning; there are few who bathe twice or more in a day (I know only 1 who belongs in this group).

And our beliefs and upbringing around bath time naturally influence our children’s bath time.

My dad would not allow us to sit for dinner till we had bathed. Our stay-over-friends were also subject to this rule or his constant nagging.

So ‘naturally’ my kids are bathed at night.
Whenever this topic has come up amongst friends, I have been the clear minority. I belong to the night bath time camp.

Representing the night time bathers here are some of the reasons why night time is the best time for a bath for ‘my’ children –

  • Their school starts with sports, and ends with playtime in the park. Sweaty and dirty kids are returned home.
  • Their early evenings are spent in the community park making mud related artifacts or playing tennis / cycling. One gets them dirty and sweaty, the other gets them sweaty.
  • I live in an Indian metro – plenty of pollution and if that was not enough we have neighbours who are keen to add to the air pollutants by burning garbage every single day! The kids are now sweaty, dirty and have enough allergens on their body to raise an immunity war.

So come late evening and they are dunked into the water and scrubbed clean.

Oh and from a practical mommy’s perspective, here are more reasons-

  • There is no rush during the nighttime. Bathing can be done leisurely.
  • With our entire family exiting the house by 8am, mornings are crazy hectic. If we had to add a bath time for 2 kids into this routine (please note: no help, hubby and self managing the complete morning routine), we would have gone bonkers.
  • Again out of pure habit, children cannot head out till they have had a hearty breakfast. So breakfast trumps morning bath.

Even in the shivering cold winters of Delhi with no fancy central heating, the children had a bath in the evening. I learnt a very neat trick from my mother in law to ensure there was no discomfort. After a bath, cream/oil the child and make them wear their clothes in the bathroom itself. The steam from the bath time would keep the bathroom nice and warm and children would not be subjected to sudden temperature difference without being properly clothed.

Given that I belong to the nighttime bathing camp, I was still intrigued to know if there was such a thing as a ‘good time’ to take a bath.

So I visited Mother Google and lo behold there was scientific research on this topic! Love how much importance this topic has been given. The research is for adults but that’s a good enough start.

So keeping the morning/night camps aside,

  • depending on your lifestyle (how greasy you get during the day or are merely hopping from one AC environment to another),
  • your skins oiliness (as per research – oily skin people benefit more from a morning shower and reverse true for dry skin) and
  • your night time sweats will be better determiners of when is it the best time to have a bath.
  • Another determiner for the morning bath is when you need to jumpstart your day. In fact, studies show that morning showers really get those creative juices flowing. Click on the link for more research on this.

All read and said, I may change my bath time depending on what adventure my day demands.

But how can I let dirty children retire for the night without a bath? Ah well. Old habits die-hard.

Which camp do you belong to  – a Morning bather or a Night Bather? What are your reasons?


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