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Leaving On A Jet Plane


All our bags are packed… we are ready to go…

We are on the brink of the summer vacation commencing and there is loads of excitement in the house.

As is a family tradition, summers must be spent with the grandparents, so we are off to do just that. Considering we stay thousands of miles away from the grand parents, summer vacation is the one time that guarantees loads of bonding moments between these 2 generations.

Its an added bonus that my nomadic green hands (green thumb doesn’t do justice) parents can and have cultivated exotic veggies in deserts and motivated the local community to grow their own food wherever they have lived. This literally translates into a large fun exploration field for Peanut and Buttercup. I can already picture the little feet trying to keep up with their grandparents as they pluck the fresh produce in the early mornings and animatedly talking about their ‘finds’; the fun of eating all the Anar from grandpa’s bowl; fighting and then sharing tv time with Naani (even though there are other TV’s in the house).

Peanut and Buttercup’s #KhulJaye Bachpan in the laps of their grandparents, amidst sprawling nature. That’s our plans for the summer.

The holiday state of mind began the moment I told Peanut and Buttercup about our vacation plans and with each passing day the holiday fervor is gaining momentum. Of course, I made the mistake of telling Peanut and Buttercup a little too early about the vacation plan. If you have not discussed holiday plans with your children, then do keep in mind that from the day you tell them, till the day they reach their holiday destination, they will ask you EVERY morning and EVERY evening, when are we going? So figure out your sweet spot and accordingly share the plans.

In the same breath, one of the wonderful things about a holiday trip is the time BEFORE it actually begins.  While we are all waiting for summer vacations to start, for the little hearts the holidays have already started. Routine days are made more bearable with the excitement and fun that the vacation promises. Loads of plans have been discussed, decided and rehashed. Peanut – The Archeologist and his dutiful Assistant – Buttercup, want to traverse their grandparent’s garden all day long. Akin to Alice in Wonderland, they are super excited to jump into the rabbit hole and start their adventures. ‘Mama, you can join us, but you have to wake up early!’ pip both Peanut and Buttercup. I’ll skip a few such excursions (Sleep in 🙂 and let the grandparents enjoy their moments) but on other occasions will be happy to be their partner in crime and share their joys at finding a creepy-crawlie or catch that excitement when they find a beautiful flower tucked away in some far off corner. While heading to school one day, I was privy to a conversation between Peanut and Buttercup.

Peanut in his matter of fact tone, ‘Wazir is my dog and we will catch butterflies’. Buttercup not to be left behind pipes up in her characteristically shrill voice, ‘Nawab and I will go for long walks, you see!’ Sides have been taken and now we await the actual holiday.

While busy packing the suitcase, my little fashionista comes in strutting her stuff and casually puts her handbag into the suitcase. Since, I’m trying to travel light and sensibly, I tell Buttercup that there is no need for her handbag on this trip and she asks, ‘Are you carrying your handbag?’ ‘Err, Yes but…’ Then she pleads, ‘Please mama I promise I will carry my handbag and not ask you to carry it’. We both know the end result and yet somehow that bag is packed. 🙂

I have been given strict instructions to pack Peanut’s Astronaut suit, as Buttercup will be receiving her very own suit during the holidays and ‘naturally’ they both have to prance around in their respective astronaut suits. As passionate as Peanut is about his lizards, he is equally chirpy about Mars’ fiery red colour and the BIG Jupiter. The little assistant not to be left behind is fast picking up the ropes from her brother. On our part, Hubby and self become the students when Peanut and Buttercup pretending to be our teachers ask us dinosaur and solar system related questions. While there are times we pretend to not know the answer and listen to them shout it out animatedly, there are times I’m actually blank on the types of dinosaurs (Geez!!). I wonder what the dogs would make of this transition from Archeologists digging away during the day and Astronauts star gazing at night!

Then there is the excitement of all the gifts that they will receive. Some glimpses have been shared with them and their excitement knows no bounds. Buttercup doesn’t miss a chance to tell me that Maasi has already got her a pink sweater and so there is no need for me to pack any sweater of hers. I was not intending too but why spoil the moment and tell her thatJ

All our bags are packed… we are ready to go and enjoy lots of fun #KhulJaye Bachpan moments


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