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Life in the colourful lane


A Monday after all the Holi revelry and out pours the Holi musings.

Indians love for festivals and their grandiosity at the peek of the festival are so exhilarating. And amongst all the festivals our family’s all time favourite is Holi.

Personally I think this festival was conceptualized keeping children in mind and/or ensuring adults become children for a few hours. Historically its about good prevailing over evil, it marks the onset of spring and its colourful to the hilt. It’s all about colour and if we look around Mother Nature is busy doing just that as spring and summer approach. The landscape becomes bright with blooming flowers all the while the warm sun creating hues with the land.


Holi is a no fuss, crazy festival and perfect for children. Tell me a child who doesn’t love water and/or colours!

Peanut and Buttercup are no different. They love this festival and have been party to it ever since they were born. Interestingly they have always celebrated Holi with extended family (considering we live thousands of miles from our mother ship in the north, it becomes exciting to realize that whether by coincidence or not we have had family to celebrate this festival of colours).


Ofcourse with children one has to be prepared and not throw caution in the wind. So consciously or otherwise hubby and self have ensured the following –

  • So far we have celebrated Holi in small gatherings with people we know. Small because it helps to keep an eye on the child and in our case we have two and familiar people don’t scare the children. Especially when everyone is looking like Bhoothnath, a familiar nose or twinkling eyes peering through that colourful face helps calm any child. Buttercup takes time to warm up to people, even familiar people (if she has not seen them for a couple of days). One Holi she insisted on keeping a very safe distance from all the hullabuloo and thank God her Dadi was around to comfort her. Buttercup would join us in our revelry and then go back to her safe zone with Dadi. Peanut and his older cousin were merrily standing right next to the big drums of water and apart from dipping themselves in buckets they would happily get smeared some colour by an aunt or uncle.
  • This can also be a very strange festival especially for shy children. What’s with all that touching, smearing and being playful suddenly? A day before we behave like adults and on this day we get all spirited and mischievous. While Peanut didn’t mind one bit, Buttercup needed help from us to acclimatize her towards Holi. At some point through all this revelry she has been seen bouncing from my soaking colourful lap to hubby’s soaking colourful lap to granny’s colorful lap or maasi’s arms. She left with a clean face but colourful bums!
  • Sometimes it’s just that. These little ones of ours will gladly have colour everywhere but the moment it touches a part of their body like a face (maybe even just a nose), an arm, a leg – they will wail! Lets respect that and not push them. After all we want them to love this colourful festival and not feel threatened by it!
  • And ofcourse use only organic colours. Its worth the money spent especially when it concerns the beautiful sensitive skins of our little ones.



The best part about Holi for our family is the bonding moment when we behave like children and play with them like we ourselves are children. We all need at least one day in a year to behave silly and let our guards down. And when the children see us enjoying the splash of colours and when we gently put colour on their little noses and round cheeks, that smile just widens and doesn’t leave their face. Peanut and Buttercup would celebrate Holi everyday if they could and so on Holi they have full freedom and a license to be their naughtiest best. Peanut could not believe that his mama was not just ok but inviting him to splash colour on her clothes!! After a few seconds of initial shock, with the biggest grin he doused us with heaps of colours. He just couldn’t stop grinning and laughing, all the while soaking in the merriment. He could not believe he could put colour on his clothes, face, hair and his parents would laugh at this antic.

Oh! What a Day!

Oh! What a Holi!


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