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Fashionably Early…Fashion Sense Starting As Early As Toddlerhood


Buttercup is a little over 3 years old.

She loves her bags, shoes AND mine too.

She loves wearing her bangles, bindis, rings AND mine too.

She loves accessorizing her hair with clips and bands.


As such this should not really stand out I guess, considering she is a Girl. Per se, I don’t like making gender statements but my logical brain just cannot find any other reason for this fascination.

She has an elder brother who couldn’t care less about clothes. She has a mother – moi, who is on the opposite end of the fashion spectrum. I will literally wear the same bag / shoes for months, wear a kajal as my ultimate pick me up and apart from my watch, wedding ring and my one set of ear studs I don’t wear anything else. Some days even those don’t leave my drawer.

So it’s intriguing (more baffling actually!!!!) to see such fashion passion in Buttercup.


Magically she will appear as soon as I finish my bath just so she can get a spot of ‘mama’s lotion. She will stare into the mirror with me when I wear my Kajal and now lipstick (inspired by her).

I remember an incident not long ago, I was getting ready for a theme based get-together and decided to be adventurous and wore a thick neckpiece! Buttercup and Peanut were both amazed at my ‘transformation’ and Buttercup kept hugging me just so that she could take a closer look at this never seen before jewellery. The sparkle in her eyes made me wonder that maybe I should dress up more for my Buttercup.  I suspect she would have been in great hands if she had a mother who did the full make up and matched her bags with her shoes all the time.


While I attempt to get there, she is already running miles ahead. She loves outings just so that she can twirl in a frock. And just as quickly as she is in her frock she dashes towards her accessory organizer with a step stool, stands on this step stool and takes out her matching bangles (I had to buy her some bangles, though they are nowhere neat enough for her) and matching hair clips.  Just as quickly she will find a pair of shoes and with a bag tucked under her arms she is ready to step it up.

Most times if we don’t see her around or don’t hear her, she is found next to her hair accessory organizer or trying on a bunch of shoes next to her cupboard.

She doesn’t like wearing jeans and threw quite a fit when we got her to try a pair. She only smiled minutes later when I added a yellow bling belt to the pair of Jeans! Go figure! 🙂


So, if she doesn’t have any fashion role models currently, then where is this young budding fashionista finding her inspiration? To reiterate, it’s got to be the glorious female gene that has kicked in early in her. An innate trait / interest, that suddenly saw the light of day when she was about 2 years old (before that it was all about cars and action figures).

Or as I read in a Huffington post that there just might be a ‘style gene’, an instinct to be fashionable than can set in as early as toddlerhood.


My little devil isn’t donning a Prada just yet but she definitely is showing a keen interest in dressing up.

Style gene or not, her father may have to keep a close tab on the spends to come in the future. 🙂


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