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Boyfriends and all that Jazz…

This post definitely needs a preface. 1-It’s about my munchkin – Buttercup who recently celebrated her BIG three! 2-I don’t know much of the ‘how to manage / handle the boyfriends’. Hopefully still sometime till we get there. 3-And my experience as a mother is all of 5 years.

So one rainy afternoon (the perfect setting for romance), we were attending a birthday party. In comes Buttercup’s BIG love in small shoes and as they scanned the room and laid eyes on each other, everything was frozen in time. No less than the dilwales of Bollywood, they both rushed into each other’s arms and what followed was tonz of hugging and kissing. Then there was some shutterbugs trying to capture this crazy, sweet loving and Buttercup and her BF were more than obliging especially since both love PDA and there was no villain in the vicinity (Buttercup’s dad had not arrived on the scene yet 🙂 ). So all in all it was a perfect reunion (so what if they had only met the previous evening in the park).

The rest of the afternoon was spent ‘together’ as usual.

Their story had a Bollywood drama beginning too. Buttercup had got into a nasty habit of scratching and biting. With all the children that she tried this tactic on, it worked in her favor. They screamed, cried and ran away.

Then one sunny day Master Boyfriend (aka BF) arrived and Buttercup being true to her nature, she pounced on him and gave him a solid bite. And that’s where she met her match. He bit her back! Come to think of it, there may have been something in that bite 🙂 . Whatever it was, Buttercup woke up from her bully slumber and just like that they became best friends. So much so that even though they don’t go to the same school anymore, all they talk about is off each other. My too big for her shoes daughter has to do everything in large size mode. Her antics, tantrums, crying, hitting are all over the top. As are her super tight bear hugs and big slurpy kisses. She didn’t just find someone who could love her at her worst but one who also returned those tight hugs with even tighter embraces. That’s a dream come true kinda guy – don’t you think? ;).

It never ceases to amaze me on how much love and adoration their little hearts can have. Clearly size has zero relation here. And then when I see the love (or whatever nomenclature that may be tagged to this emotion) between 2 toddlers (it is only incidental that they belong to opposite genders – or maybe not :)) its a heartwarming scene. In each other’s company they are calmer, sweeter and naughtier. The BF’s mom narrated an incident when the BF decided that nudity was the call of the day and he pranced around his house in his birthday suit. Absolutely nothing could convince this little fella to protect his dignity! Till they took Buttercup’s name and said she was coming around. That got an instant reaction from him and he was seen scampering away. Buttercup is no different, if we need her to do something that she has set her mind against, the mere mention of BF’s name is enough to set the ball rolling.

They last parted with each other’s company saying their first ‘I Love you’s’ and this time the father was around 🙂 But in the face of such beautiful innocent love can there really be a villain?

Maybe I wouldn’t be this calm 10 years from now!

But for now Hubby and self had those silly smiles that you just cannot wipe off, knowing…

…that there is someone other than family who adores Buttercup and who can light up Buttercup’s face.

…that there is so much love around which needs constant nurturing especially in the face of all the hate and tragedy around us.

Its hard to find that kind of love – the kind where you are jumping with joy (literally) just because you are in each other’s company, the kind where you don’t care what the world thinks and just carry on with that good old loving, the kind that makes you a better person (as a parent I love this one 🙂 ), the kind where two’s company is never dull…

This kind of uninhibited ‘love’ needs to be celebrated every moment – just like how Buttercup and her BF do.

(DISCLAIMER: I may not want to be reminded of this post when Buttercup is in her teens. Definitely have no intention of letting her read this, that’s for sure! 🙂 )


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