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Burning Summer: Do’s And Don’ts When Your Child Gets Burnt

This has been one loooong summer! 2015 summer can surely go down in our family records as possibly one of the most stressful summers!

Just like any other day in our home, life began with lots of noise, loud discussions, barking dogs and children scampering around! Then breakfast was announced.

Just when everyone was seated at the dining table (dogs at our feet and kids by our side), a jug full of boiling out milk accidently fell on Peanut. My dad shouted for water while Peanut was crying and screaming in pain. Hubby scooped Peanut in his arms and rushed him to the tub and started pouring cold water on him. In between all the crying and screaming hubby got to know that he was burnt on both his arms. Slowly we peeled away his night suit and then just kept pouring cold water on his burns to cool down the skin.

In this time of crisis, we also nearly made some insane blunders. If it was not for my cousin who had just become a doctor, we would have first applied beaten egg whites on the burns. Interestingly an article on the miracles of egg whites had done its internet circulation not too long ago. My doctor cousin was aghast and said more than anything else it can lead to severe infection of the wounds. So one potential disaster was abated!

Then we thought to cool down the skin, instead of just cold water why not speed up the process and apply ice! Apparently another strict no-no. Ice will do the opposite of cooling and may harm the skin even more. Again we were only too glad to have a doctor amidst us during this emergency.

Hubby contemplated smearing some toothpaste! This too was shot down. Not one to junk home remedies per se but clearly this was not any small injury to subject to home experiments. So we let the in- house doctor take charge and we followed her orders.

Peanut kept picking up on bits of the stressed adult conversations. One was when we said something about the skin having peeled away and momentarily forgetting his pain he anxiously started claiming – ‘I will have no skin. I will have no skin’. Operation – ‘calm the nerves’ began and we learnt not to discuss ailments in front of children.

Finally after a little over half an hour of pouring cold water and then applying cold towels we set out to take Peanut to the ER. Some things are just better left to the professionals.

Buttercup was most stressed out and kept asking ‘what happened to my brother?’ She insisted on coming with us to the ER and after we made her promise that she would not trouble us we all left for the ER.

All the way we kept applying cold towels on both of Peanut’s arms.

All the way Peanut kept sobbing. All the way we were stressed.

My dad had already called the hospital and they were expecting us. As soon as we arrived they quickly took over Peanut. The Pediatrician was then called and she was everything you would want in a Pediatrician given the emergency situation. She was super calm, had the friendliest face, the warmest voice and came with a big bag of chocolates! No kids could refuse this package not even Peanut with his burns. She got talking to him and within no time had him comfortably bandaged and medicated.

A fact that the doctor mentioned to us: First degree burns are apparently more painful than second degree burns! A slight touch of a hot pan and we are scampering to the nearest tap, we couldn’t begin to fathom the pain that Peanut must have been subjected to.

The main thing we had done right – cooled down the burn by pouring cold water and of course taking him to the hospital.

After close to 2 hours of sobbing in pain, Peanut finally slept. He then awoke as the HULK.

His bandaged arms were his new found magically grown muscles and he was well – the Incredible HULK.

Have to give it to kids for their resilience, optimism and making the best of any situation!!!

Over the next couple of days we strictly adhered to the doctors instructions and Peanut was proudly showing off his now wounded but quick healing scarred arms.

Hulk Smash!

Noted learning’s from this unfortunate incident:

  • Internet may not be the best bet for remedial procedures
  • Stress in front of the kids and you pass it onto them
  • Kids are resilient. Learn from their resilience – make it contagious
  • At the dining table, assume the worst may happen and position/ seat the kids accordingly.

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