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Summer Diary 2015

summer holidayWe are in the midst of the glorious yearly summer holidays. Nearly a month gone and little over a month still to go… Iam not exactly counting the days ( ok maybe just a little) till when school begins and that is because the kids are amply and constructively occupied.

No hobby classes and all that jazz but simply allowing Peanut & Buttercup to enjoy their time at their granparents place. Being a stay at home, I definitely have the luxury to exercise this option for such an extended period of time.

‘Summer holidays HAVE to be spent at the granparents place’-No one ever dictated this to me but somehow I just cant imagine any other way to spend the summers. It started with my mom, sister and I always spending the holidays with my grandparents. I’m guessing the moments were sooo good (exact memories have long faded) that I want my little munchkins to experience the same kind of warm, loving, happy feeling.Naturally, we were off to park ourselves at the granparents for the summer.

So what is it about these holidays? How does the mother not go bonkers with kids around all the time? What do the kids do? Here’s a day in the life of Peanut and Buttercup in the summer of 2015-

Rouser is at 5:30am!!!! (doesn’t it just go to show how much fun they are having and are excited to be up as early as possible). Bathroom announcements have to be made (what’s the joy if only 2 of them are awake). On a bad day – I wake up with them and on a good day I implore them to be satisfied with each other’s company and get an extra half an hour snooze.

I have realized summer holidays are a great time to teach basic skills. For one there is luxury of time and most days nowhere really to go. So Peanut & Buttercup take their time to brush their teeth, wear their clothes and get ready for the day. Peanut grudgingly, Buttercup more than happy to be given the independence.

Then it is time for some holiday homework. Second realization (I’m a work in progress mom :))-its best to get it over with first thing in the morning – who wants a cranky sleepy toddler, plus they can be motivated by the fact that they have the whole day to frolic once the work is done). Ofcourse if Peanut isn’t prodded enough, he would probably take the day to just do his homework. Buttercup pretends to do some work by Peanut’s side. 5 Minutes later she walks away to chat with Naani / Naana while Peanut finishes up.

By the time we all convene at the breakfast table, I’m shocked to realize that it is only 8:30!!!! What am I going to do with these active little ones for the rest of the day!!

Now is the time I completely rely on having 2 children and being at the grandparents place. One they are in great company (each others?!) and second they are in a great environment (change of home venue, to the rescue). So once the little tummies have been filled, they are shooed outdoors, often not to be seen till lunch time (but heard plenty and loudly, they are both chatterboxes and loud Sardar genes don’t help). Peanut at 4.5 years is a complete nature junkie. You give him one plant or a whole lawn, it doesn’t matter, he will make merry with the birds, insects, bugs, soil, plant and any other micro being that only he can see. Buttercup by virtue of being his loyal follower has no choice but to partake in the same activities. Peanut is heard sharing some half baked knowledge of his with Buttercup, who readily acknowledges the ‘wise’ words from her leader (pointing to a dead bug, Peanut tells Buttercup – some lady bugs cannot fly because they are too fat!!! Buttercup is seen vigorously nodding her head in agreement).

Once in a while they will come in screaming in excitement showing off a bug or a caterpillar. My mom once said – I don’t like them and pat came Peanut’s reply – I LOVE them and off he was exploring again.

Buttercup will sometimes leave her leader’s presence and venture off to jump in some muddy puddles. She just cannot resist a pool of water, no matter how small. Other times she is heard singing away and enacting some monologues and doing some digging (second best activity of hers).

While Peanut can get totally engrossed with mother nature, Buttercup needs some human company from time to time. So we definitely see and hear her more often than Peanut. She will get the slightest nick and that will be followed by the loudest shrilly cry. We stopped jumping from our seats and rushing to her after a few such wolf calls. If the attention cant come to her, she will seek the attention and in she trots holding her little scratched finger with big crocodile tears. After sufficient consoling and tending to the ‘wound’ we send her packing outdoors again.

When Peanut is finally called in for lunch (Buttercup is usually already there, complaining about some scratch or another), he is red, hot and sweaty!!! Ahh, half the day ticked off.

Post lunch its free and easy again – a little bit of tv, outdoors, reading, activities, a short tour in the city and viola its time for their evening bath.

The great thing about summer is waddling in water and again what’s the hurry. So bath times are filled with lots of splashing, toys and great amount of uncoordinated chatter between Peanut & Buttercup. Neither is listening to the other and both are talking to each other. Suddenly Buttercup is a fish and Peanut is a crocodile!!! And just like that time is whiled away, bath is done, dinner eaten, books read and tucked into bed. And another day ends with the promise of new adventures for the next day.

I get reminded of the song – Summer Holiday by Cliff Richards and specifically these lyrics –

Everybody has a summer holiday
Doing things they always wanted to
So we’re going on a summer holiday
To make our dreams come true
For me and you

That’s what holidays are about – making dreams come true and doing things you wanted to but regular routine may not allow them…

This kind of a holiday has just the right amount of structure / routine to keep me sane and also carefree with plenty of flexibility for the kiddos to have fun and roll with their imagination.

The only advice if you embark on this summer holiday: wear sunscreen! 🙂


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