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Go Crazy…Be Silly

go crazy 6th dec 2014Loosen up… Enter your child’s world and wear your silliest dancing shoes and do the craziest wild dancing jig AND watch your child peel with laughter (after an initial bout of shock at seeing his/her parents not behaving ‘normally’). Your child will only be too delighted to join in and match your zoo like antics.

Wild antics, funny faces, weird noises all have that special place in the children’s domain. Who cares if it makes sense, we have our whole life ahead of us to make sense of things, for now we have to be just a little impulsive, just a little nonsensical and a lot more happy.

As for everything else, children keep looking at us and imitating our behavior. Their joy doubles when they watch us enjoying and laughing. Peanut has just started to get initiated into the world of Disney animation and his current favourites are ‘Finding Nemo’ (loves fish, so that wasn’t a surprise) and ‘Madagascar’. Now we can just let it play and he can be glued to the tv OR we can sit with him and watch the movie. Whenever we have sat with him, laughed out loud so has he laughed just as loud or gasped, so has he gasped, clapped or sang out with loud wooo hoo hoos, he’s gotten so excited and jiggled his body in pure joy. If he’s sitting by himself, hes taking in the movie but in such a blah fashion. Just looking at him in that instance kills the joy of watching these kids masterpieces.

Then there’s Dr. Seuss. For those who haven’t read these books (stop reading this and rush out to buy a whole bunch) and those who have read it – you know why the rush in buying these books. My eldest sister gifted us a whole bunch on Peanut’s first birthday. I had no idea what to do with what looked like utter nonsense books. Don’t kill me for saying this, I truly love and appreciate them now :). But at that time I just stacked them with the other books and focused on the ‘regular’ baby books. One day Peanut ventured into that spot of Dr. Seuss books and pulled out one and insisted I read it to him. After that there has been no turning back. Nothing in those books makes sense (destroyed my very logical, practical personality), the animals barely look like the animals they are supposed to resemble (interestingly the kids can make them out instantly). The only thing sensible about the books is that they have a rhyming pattern. No matter how sane you are, you just cant read a Dr. Seuss book in monotone. It sucks you in and makes you a child. One instance you are depicting an old fish, the very next a new fish, then you are going HIGH and suddenly low. I can go on but must stop or it will become a Dr. Seuss post. Point being, it’s the very silliness of the book that is sooooo appealing and what a fun way to read, increase vocabulary, learn opposites, colours, variations (Who doesn’t want a brilliant child? 😉 ).

So go ahead…let your inner child be the gateway to your child’s happiness.


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