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Stalker Alert!

You are never alone. Someone is ALWAYS watching EVERY move of yours. Someone is ALWAYS very attentively LISTENING in on every word you utter.

No, I’m not talking of some lurker variety nor of the Internet creeps but the tiny tot stalker variety – the ones that have invaded your homes and settled into your hearts for life.

I have 2 such lovely stalkers residing in my home. Peanut – the silent stalker. You may think he is busy in some activity but noooooo, his ears are very much straining to hear EVERY single word that comes out of your mouth. You know you are being followed but just cant figure out when and where, you quickly turn a corner and suddenly peep back but no one, but you hear the footsteps. That’s Peanut’s style

Then there’s Buttercup who cares two hoots about being silent. The victim should know they are under her vigil ALL the time. Her brazen stalker style is often comical, getting her foot and face stepped on or smashed against a door thanks to her literally being your shadow.

Peanut following you will come as a surprise when suddenly he will utter a word or phrase you had used. When he was starting to speak I was aghast to hear what sounded like sh*t. Definitely not one of the first few words you want to hear from your child. Luckily it was almost a garble and I would shrug it off in front of others often claiming they heard it wrong and he said ‘ shirt’ 🙂 ( So much more intellectual!) and turn their attention to some other cute antic of his. But very quickly I stopped using that word altogether. That’s when it first hit me that I was being monitored and I had to be on my best behavior.

Then came along Buttercup who’s not much into words but more of an action baby. So suddenly I was being scrutinized on how I wore my lip balm, how I combed my hair, how I pottered around in the kitchen and it led to her fascination with any cream she could get her hands on and smear it all over her face. She never leaves the kitchen empty handed. Goes through all the possible drawers she can reach and then takes all sorts of cutlery, pots, lids that her little hands can carry.

I had pretty much given up all hopes of her every being truly girly till one day caught her strutting her little self with one of my hand bags perched on her tiny shoulders. Now she likes to leave the house with some sort of a bag, pretty much anything with a handle will do.

She’s not much of a reader but will ALWAYS lie down next to me and right down to the way I cross my legs she will copy it and pretend to read aloud-muttering gibberish, all the while holding the book upside down.

Peanut’s latest ‘steal’ has been the word – OFCOURSE.

Have you eaten lunch? Ofcourse

Would you like to go and throw a ball outside? Ofcourse

Should we go for a bath? Ofcourse

Yes has been effectively replaced by Ofcourse. Hubby and self are still not sure which one of us uses this word.

Certain phrases and words are such a natural part of the way we express ourselves that we don’t even know we would be saying that till the tiny tot stalkers bring it to our attention.

Peanut is troubled by the dark and when I had asked him to go to his room at night he OFCOURSE 🙂 declined. Buttercup quickly pranced into the room and Peanut turns around and tell me this – See, See, how she has gone into the room and is getting something for you. And you couldn’t go.

OMG That’s what I had said to Peanut a couple of days ago, totally oblivious that I was starting comparisons till Peanut mirrored my words.

So maybe these tiny tot stalkers are allright and while they provide many humorous instances they also help us to see ourselves as we truly are.

Look at their actions, their words and if you don’t like something… hmmm. Well… 😉


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