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Summer Holidays

summer holidays










As Peanut and Buttercup get ready for school after 2 months of summer vacation, I reflect on those days gone by.

Typically holidays are a great time to head off to grandparents place, enjoy a family vacation, join hobby classes etc. However this year we stayed home most of the time save for a short trip and let the world come to us 🙂

Peanut, who was used to ‘exciting’ summer vacations, would wake up everyday and ask ‘ Where we are going today?’ Our reply ‘Nowhere’ was met with utter amazement mixed with a shock response. Almost incredulously Peanut would say – NOWHERE?! (The park or any place local doesn’t classify as any real place in the children’s mind).

Luckily for us, Peanut’s cousin and grandma decided to pay us a visit. I love this saying – ‘Cousins are your first friends and no one knows your crazy family better than they do’.

Peanut’s first sibling was not Buttercup but in fact his cousin. Their relationship started off just like any other sibling relationship – loads of love and some sentiments of hanging the other from the fan! Then we moved cities and they were left with annual visits.So naturally when Big Sister decided to visit Peanut and Buttercup there was a lot of excitement at both ends.
It was absolutely amazing to see the 3 children enjoy each other’s company and have their occasional tiffs. Buttercup was in complete awe of her Big Sister. After following a brother, this was a refreshing chance to do all the girly things. Peanut and Big Sister were buddies and thought they were too cool for their age to mingle with the little Buttercup. Our home was filled with so much noise, energy, laughter and love that we nearly got tempted for Baby no.3. (Very short lived feeling).

The worst part of having house guests is that they leave. For days our house felt empty and listless.

But God had other plans for us. If we couldn’t visit family, then family would visit us.

So next came, Peanut’s first friend -girl friend – our Princess and her sister – Sunshine. We had tried 3 children with Big Sister’s visit and now there were 4 (two of them close to turning 4, Buttercup at 1.5 years and Sunshine being the baby of the group). While Peanut and Princess found great joy and fun in each other’s company, Buttercup was left tagging behind again, being too young to join the duo. I learnt that children could be oblivious to feelings when Buttercup would be intentionally left out by the older duo. I learnt that children don’t hold grudges and can be super persistent when Buttercup would be obliged an entry after her numerous failed attempts and she would be grinning ear to ear.

I also learnt that children are super adaptable when Buttercup would be denied entry into this exclusive 4 year old group and she would then literally ‘pounce’ on Sunshine with all the love she could gather and then Sunshine would be her focus and entertainment.

And as it happens, when these lovable sisters left, our house wore a forlorn look.

Then came our short but fun filled family vacation. The children were super excited to be out of the house and meet their grandparents and maasi. Nothing like a resort in a secluded place to get everyone bonding and the children getting uninterrupted time with their loved ones.

Once back home, the dark clouds of boredom finally reached our house. Routine was so passé, neither a walk nor a park visit could garner enough excitement (though the children learnt very quickly to make the best of all that they got – adaptability). Today a night before their school starts – they have possibly reached the very end of their patience with me and with each other.

Perfect time for the school to reopen 😉


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