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It’s A Magical World


We often start the day burdened by the days plans and activities and often in a tearing hurry to have them ticked off before the day ends. That all changes when a child enters the equation. Sure there are still plans and endless to do lists but this child slows down our day even if its just a notch. And if you are lucky and participative, you get to experience his world of awe. How can one not smile and enjoy the morning when the first words out of your child are ‘wow, it’s such a beautiful morning. Look mama it’s soooooo bright outside’. Whenever I get pulled into the humdrum of everyday chores, Peanut and Buttercup manage to pull me into their world of amazement.

I would like our walks to be brisk and for the purpose of getting exercise. Peanut and Buttercup have other plans. A caterpillar crossing their path will engage them till they are assured it has reached safety. A bee sucking nectar from a flower is a wonder as they focus on every flutter and ofcourse a butterfly sighting sends then in a tizzy. Then they are just merrily running all over the place in the hope of touching mother nature’s wonder. Everything has to be touched, felt to truly complete the magical experience.

As a parent its annoying when they insist on lying down on any surface, when they drag their little fingers on dusty cars, when they want to touch creepy crawlies.

But how else do they get a lateral view of the funny colored caterpillar if they don’t lie down ‘right’ next to it?

How else do they truly experience and know what this many legged creature does and how?

How else do they get creative  and draw patterns till they get dusty fingers?

They both enjoy the swimming pool but not so much for the swimming as experiencing another medium of magic. Buttercup will mostly be out of the pool enjoying the wet footprints she creates. Peanut will be busy exploring every corner and squealing in delight when he crosses an air filter and it tickles his tiny feet. At home Buttercup is fascinated by turning the taps and watching the water flow. Sometimes water gushing; sometimes plip plop.  Sure it doesn’t help when water is spilled all over the house all the time. I definitely don’t enjoy that kind of magic, but moments later it’s thought provoking to see their minds in this enchanting zone. To see the magic unfold in their eyes.

They seem to see the world with a pair of mystical glasses. With their ever whirring minds and vivid imaginations, the remote becomes a mobile, clouds become lions and monkeys, a multiplug becomes a dog, a hangar becomes a gun… These mini lateral thinker minds are open and accepting, creative and they definitely do not indulge in any ‘obvious’ reasoning ( much to the chagrin of parents who are trying to ‘reason’ with a child)

By taking in this magical world and adding their own twist to it, it’s no wonder that their eyes are always gleaming, for newer enchanting ecapades.


6 thoughts on “It’s A Magical World

  1. Children see the mystery unlike most adults……too busy in our effort to unravel the infathomable and make conclusions of the inconclusive. What a lovely read Jyotsna.


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