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Run along Weekends…children in the house


Huh, what time is it? Is it 6 already!!!


I finally open my eyes and staring into my face is either Peanut or Buttercup. It could be a dark morning or the sunlight streaming in, it could be a Monday or a Sunday, Peanut & buttercup don’t make any distinctions. They are up and smiling and ready to take on the day with all the gusto they can muster. While that kind of enthusiasm is great for a school day, could it be dialed down a notch on the weekend? Please? Ofcourse not, its morning. Its almost as if Peanut & Buttercup have some kind of agreement with the Sun God – Wake up your parents bright and early and I promise you a GREAT FUN day!!!

And just like that our daily non-discriminate rouser is set for 6am. Peanut is a chatter box and that pretty much starts from the word go. So he will be looking at the stars on his ceiling and then start to make shapes with his hands and then suddenly one will hear – wake up mama / papa. Look its morning. Its soooo bright. “Peanut we know, give us a second more” and on an obliging weekend we get a little more than a few seconds more in the comfort of our bed. Buttercup on the other hand has learnt to use her vocal chords and lungs for her good. So why talk and chat with oneself if I can trouble someone with my high decibel screams. I don’t cry, I just love to shout and let the world know I’m UP and ready for the day. There’s no obliging with her. This is one alarm clock you cant shut nor throw it away. She’s too cute for that 😉

On weekends, we tend to break the fast and the routine by enjoying some south indian delicacies at a local standing restaurant. Peanut and Buttercup are perched on top of the table and much to the amusement of fellow eaters, the kids get excited at every passing BEING. Human, dog, cat, cattle and roosters all get a cheer, a big hi and since the kiddos are so courteous 😉 , a big bye too. We are only too happy they are distracted enough for us to chomp down our food and savour the coffee.

By the time we get back home, the WHOLE Saturday still awaits us. Thank god for that coffee. So if we have not planned an outing for the kids, then we are off to the park. For peanut and buttercup any change in routine is so exhilarating. Park in the Morning!!! Woo hoo!!

But usually we try and plan atleast one outing during the weekend. So it could be a couple of hours at the aquarium, Bal bhavan, Cubbon park, local JB park, Bannerghatta national park (these are all our favorite weekend kid destinations that have been explored so far). Recently visited the innovative film city. This can easily be struck out of weekend plans with or without kids!

After all this, we are still left with half a Saturday and a full Sunday! Hmmmm. In the afternoon roles get reversed, Buttercup becomes the obliging one and sleeps for a couple of hours while Master Peanut will force any signs of sleepiness or tiredness and march on till its evening time and ONCE again its park time.

Change from routine is a great thing for kids but imagine doing your favourite activity twice in one day!!! Nows that’s what they call a weekend in kiddie land! It’s also more fun because their papa is around.

Considering so many reasons that exist to be jubilant over a park time, that by the end of this regular weekend adventure Peanut & Buttercup are exhausted. Peanut’s yawn is music to our ears. But its their weekend remember, so everything is sloooowed down and enjoyed; a little extra time in the bath with lots of splashing and water fights among the siblings; a tad longer with the dinner (not so much out of choice but exhaustion setting in. We like! 😉 ). Then prayer time and another favorite activity – reading time. Peanut bargains for 10 books to be read – it’s his weekend, you see. We settle for 8 – It’s our weekend too, you see.

By the 5th book, Peanut is struggling to keep awake and Buttercup is being her usual jack in the box. By the 8th book Peanut just turns around and is fast asleep. Just like that.

Buttercup polishes off her milk (her vice- Gluttony) and suddenly all that energy dissipates and she too turns around and is fast asleep. Just like that.

And now OUR weekend begins… till the next day early morning rouser! (Of course) 🙂

Happy weekend everyone!


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