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I recently got an opportunity to travel solo. It was the first time I was going on a social trip after the birth of Peanut & Buttercup.

It started with a get up / attire that I had nearly forgotten – I could wear my hair loose without the fear of Buttercup tugging at it, I could wear some super duper heels without the anticipation of having to chase behind Peanut and his many nature escapades. The diaper bag was replaced with a hip handbag. And mind you, the bag didn’t have a single toy or baby wipes just good old cosmetics. The best pair of jeans came out knowing full well there wouldn’t be a single stain on them (No muddy hands on my outfits). And, so this mommy was ready to take her cab ride to the airport.

In the cab, my ears took a while to get used to the silence. After years of constant din, who could blame them?

When I walked out of the cab with just a suitcase, I almost felt like I had forgotten something – I looked back into the cab to be doubly sure that Peanut & Buttercup weren’t left behind. I must add that this feeling of ‘having forgotten something or someone’ persisted through the trip. After worrying about carry cots, prams, strollers and the many accompanying bags, not to forget the children themselves, I guess that feeling of ‘having forgotten’ is hard wired for life.

Standing in the queue for check in I had started to twiddle my thumbs. What should I do with these idle 5-10 mins? Could I possibly be already missing the antics of my children and the ruckus that keeps me on my toes?  That feeling quickly swept away when I reached the check-in counter and I only had to mind myself. Imagine that!

Security screening was a breeze and once again I was left to wander the airport terminal shops in peace. The first thing I did was to pick up a whole bunch of newspapers. All of them. It was sooooo much fun to devour all the news without tiny hands trying to pry them away from me. I read the papers in record time (maybe fearing that this reading time will get shortened thanks to  Peanut or Buttercup who would need my attention). I then ate. I chose a dish with the most gravy and lots of rice. And it was hot. Then came the best part of travelling solo – sleep. It was hands down the best sleep in years. With not a care in the world it had to be!

For the rest of the trip I tried to catch up on all the years of lost sleep, stayed up way beyond my forced bedtime, forced myself to sleep in late, wore outfits (long earrings, saris, heels) that I normally would never dream off wearing had my children accompanied me, chatted endlessly with friends without a susu/ potty interruption or just plain ‘attention’ interruption, walked out of the house impromptu and without any elaborate preparations(read: packing milk, small eats, change of clothes, diapers, toys etc) and just had an uninterrupted merry ‘me’ time.

Did I miss them? Did I miss all the chitter chatter? Did I miss their smiles that make me feel I’m the most loved person? YES, of course.

So, would I go on a trip like this again? Most definitely YES!

Because every once in a while it’s great and might I add IMPORTANT for a parent to live a ‘carefree’ life, even if it’s only for a few days. I sure came back with rejuvenated vigor to ‘take on’ 😉 my absolutely adorable children.

This was all possible because hubby graciously handled ALL the responsibilities while I was away. Heeding my sister’s words that I need to return this favour, here’s wishing hubby a trip where he flies solo and I can return this GOOD deed.



  1. It sure is strange to be flying solo when we’re so used to be traveling with our little ones draped around us! But it’s a very good kind of strange, and I think every parent needs a little “time-out” like that once in awhile. 🙂


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