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Love in the times of Parenting

Behind a successful and HAPPY homemaker is…a SUPPORTIVE SPOUSE

While I believe a homemaker can be successful even without a supportive spouse per se, it’s when you add a SUPPORTIVE spouse to this equation and voila you get a successful but more importantly a HAPPY homemaker.

And the word supportive encompasses being loving, caring, understanding, accommodating, helpful, compassionate… You get the picture! 🙂

For clarity in this post, work at home spouse= homemaker, work out of home spouse = bread earners 😉

This post is for all those spouses who are going out of their comfort zones (homes) to the big bad world (out of home ‘ work’) on a daily basis and yet managing to strike a beautiful balance with their respective ‘homemakers’.

So when the bread earners finish their long tiring day at work and are instantly reenergized at the sight of screaming kids fighting for their attention, after themselves having spent a day tackling different personalities…

When the bread earners are done with showering the children with all the love they can muster and listening to the endless tales, even before they have had a chance to sip some water…

When they offer to bathe the children just so that the homemaker can take a ‘break’ from her wild cats…

When that offer gets generously extended to feeding the kids their dinner inspite of themselves not having eaten a morsel since they got home…

When the children’s morning business activities are taken on, alongside getting ready themselves for their day at work…

When they comeback a little early from work, just for no reason but to take over from a daylong harrowed homemaker or just so that the homemaker can make time to meet her friends…

When they understand that children ARE our life but can’t BECOME our life and wrangle away the kids long enough for us to check our emails, make some social calls, even write a blog and not judge them as frivolous activities but indispensable activities for sanity…

When they appreciate that the homemaker is in fact ‘working’ and pitch in as much as possible in this 2-person job called parenting…

…Then you have a VERY HAPPY homemaker 🙂

Thank you Hubby for being all this and more and being a TRUE partner in the continuously shifting roles in our life together.

Reminds me of an old Cadbury chocolate advert (translated towards the end of the post)

Where a wife asks her husband “when was the last time you said I love you to me”.

It doesn’t have to be SAID… IF the ACTIONS speak on a regular basis ( An ‘I love you’ fades when compared to a simple act of your spouse to let you sleep in and he is up with the kids…when you are sleep deprived )  and there doesn’t have to be one day to say it but yes there can be one day to glorify ALL THAT LOVE.

So, in that spirit of everyday love, a very HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to my love.

Advert Translation (Be warned that the essence is pretty much lost in translation 🙂 )

Wife: When was the last time you said I love you to me?

Husband: What?

Wife repeats the same question in Hindi

Husband (Pauses and then offers a chocolate and says): Now


Wife: Now, means?

Husband: I said it now… I love you

Wife (shrugs): You give me this chocolate every..d..a..y… (a realization smile)


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