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Tiger, Helicopter, Free Range, Wolf, Panda, Lawn Mower, Dragon, Bulldozer, Crunchy Granola, Bear.


Why am I talking about animals or machines or even a nutrient bar? What ties these seemingly disparate things together? Interestingly and Strangely – PARENTING.

These are all different types of Parenting and I’m pretty sure it’s not an exhaustive list of such titles (However, these are ENOUGH for me to wrap my head around before I start exploring more 🙂 ).

From the quintessential Chinese TIGER mom who is overly strict with her children to the DRAGON mom who is fierce and loyal and loving as hell;

From the overscheduling, overbearing HELICOPTER parent to allowing plenty and more of freedom without going mad with worry, FREE RANGE parent;

From the WOLF father’s judicious use of physical use to the PANDA papa who indulges in cuddles but is not afraid to show the claw;

From the LAWN MOWER parent who does a clean sweep of all hurdles in their child’s life to the BULLDOZER parent who only comes in to clean up the big stuff;

From the extremely protective MAMA bear parenting to the CRUNCHY parents who are all au natural.

Where does any ONE parent belong? Can we TRULY AND FULLY belong to any one of these types? Except for the archetype Tiger Mom – Amy Chua or the Dragon Mom – Emily Rapp, most of us would fall somewhere between these ranges, mix of some and none of some.

I would like to believe I’m a bit of free range, a dash of panda and a sprinkle of crunchy. But then again depending on the situation the tiger in me could roar or the bulldozer maybe called in to help my child.

The FREE RANGE in me is quite hassle free when the nature loving kiddos go full throttle in the mud, with little interesting insects to keep them company. They come away looking like they are returning from war but they had fun and explored unchartered territory. All I have to do is dunk them in the bath after all this. On one of Peanut’s exploration phase he climbed up an ant hill and well you can only imagine what would have happened next. The free range parent in my father and I took out all his clothes, checked for damages 🙂 and then let him frolic in the sun again (this time just with his bare essentials). Did I mention this was during a wedding reception! Hubby Bear who luckily didn’t attend this function, was aghast at our response. Of course my better half squirms every time my Free Range parenting comes into play. He would definitely be the BEAR. Guess therein lies the balance in our parenting (and lots of disagreements and discussions. What fun!?! 😉 )

I love the term ‘controlled chaos’ used in PANDA parenting. So paint away the paper, mess it up even, smear that cherub face, splatter some on the feet, BUT all within a designated area. Dirty hands on my sofa will not be accepted!  That’s where the tiger mom ( OR maybe even the Panda claws; now I’m losing track of these parenting styles!!) sets some rules and they HAVE to be followed. But I love the CUDDLES. There’s no reason or time for a cuddle. There Hubby and Self are in full agreement and so we are a full on HUGS & KISSES family.

The sprinkle of CRUNCHY is restricted to going organic at home as much as possible (eating junk is ok once in a while – panda or free range speaking here), taking the homeopathic route for medication (antibiotics by no means is ruled out but limited – Again my pill popping husband and I have our discussions).

So between Hubby and self we pretty much cover most of the bases (God help our children). Wonder what the parenting theorists have to say about that.


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