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Dogs = Children / Children = Dogs

It doesn’t matter which way the relationship goes, the moot point is how similar they are.

IMG_4576The younger Dog ( Vazir) – Child ( Buttercup) duo –

Buttercup finishes her FULL meal and then is on the look out for other morsels. Vazir laps up his bowl and then scoots to find more!

We are finding it challenging to guide Buttercup, my parents (who have tamed a Rottweiler) are struggling to train Vazir.

Buttercup’s antics are adorable and even at her worst behavior she melts our hearts with her smile, Vazir’s tricks are just as cute and with those adorable big eyes he’s forgiven most misbehavior

Disciplining, rather being strict has absolutely no impact on this child or dog. They just ignore, appease or run off to find some more mischief.

They have abundant source of energy, barely sleep, take quick naps, are alert even in their sleep and are back to springing action. I’m still talking of child AND dog.

When bored they love to trouble their older siblings ( Nawab and Peanut ). The older ones take most of their nonsense, get annoyed once in a while, scratch / bite the younger duo, but nothing fazes Vazir and Buttercup. They carry on with their frolicking.

Vazir and Buttercup are as independent as they can get and will merrily walk away with any stranger (as long as that stranger has food ).

They love to be out. Buttercup  – “baar, baar”, forever pointing at the entrance or the balcony and urging us to take her out.

They are looking for mischief and play time. Vazir’s latest is to eat away the vegetables from the veggie patch directly. The fridge door barely opens and Buttercup’s scavenging away inside.

Huge attention seekers. ALL the time.


The older duo of Dog ( Nawab) and child( Peanut) are the emotional chumps.

Peanut and Nawab are cute as buttons themselves and being the first borns have a special place in our hearts but yet they cant seem to exploit any of that and so they get into trouble (most times trouble that was created by the younger lot).

They have to be dragged to their meals and cajoled to be fed (yes even the Rottweiler on occasion). They don’t seem to have any real interest in food.

In trying to discipline the younger ones they get double disciplined. At times I can almost hear Nawab telling Vazir to straighten up his act JUST SO both of them can finish the walk in peace and head home.

Home is where the heart is for Nawab and Peanut. They love to go out but this is where they find their core.

They are sullen little fools when their respective caregivers leave them for a period of time.

When Nawab and Peanut sleep, no earthquake can shake them from their stupor. This Rottweiler will sleep through a burglary I suspect.

They both love to sun bathe in the scorching middle eastern sun, in the middle of the afternoon no less. They sure love their Vitamin D. Peanut would be potting around the whole afternoon and only come indoors once the sun sets and once he’s tanned himself well. The black Rottweiler just gets an added sheen to his coat.

Peanut and Nawab are protective of their respective siblings. Peanut sat himself between a boy and Buttercup when this boy wanted to kiss Buttercup. Nawab gave a growl (that’s all it takes to fight off  the attackers, when it’s a Rottie growl) when some stray dogs were trying to retaliate with Vazir (yes, Vazir had started the fight)

On a walk the older duo will stay in close range to their family. No wanderers here.

Love and enjoy having family and friends around them. The more the merrier. All the time.

Possibly the only thing that transcends this older – younger duo is that Nawab ( older dog) and Buttercup ( younger child) love to plonk their tushies on a lap. Any lap. Any where.


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