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Welcome to a Jungle Themed Children’s Party!


Event Organizers: Peanut’s parents

Why? – Our resume reads planning 2 home birthdays every year. 🙂

Theme: Jungle theme

Reason – I’m not sure about the adage – it’s a jungle out there, for we definitely have a jungle in here (our home or for that matter any home with children). So in keeping with that general home environment of cacophony, monkey fights, mother hen shouting away, we decided to extend this to our Peanut’s 3rd birthday party by having a jungle theme party.

Party Décor: Chart paper sized animals were sketched (Papa lion’s dear friend who is a gifted artist was kind enough to extend his creativity towards this endeavor). Over the next couple of nights, we then burnt the midnight oil colouring and shaping these animals. Whoever thinks colouring a large size giraffe, rhino, lion etc. is easy can volunteer for the next birthday – We are great delegators! 😉 It was worth all the nightly sore fingers when Peanut saw these animals adorning the walls. You could make out he knew it was HIS special day.

Party Food: Decided to keep food preparation all in house. Simple HOMEMADE chocolate cake with some store bought edible sugar craft animals and decorations (Courtesy the superbly generous- Peanut’s Maasi) and voila birthday cake ready. It really doesn’t take more to please a child and going by Peanut’s and Buttercup’s expression-who was sitting under the cake table and eating away the fallen crumbs, the mandate had been met).

Return Gifts: This one was tricky keeping in mind the theme and budget ofcourse. So the hunt began. Saw what we liked on a baby site that had only 2 pieces (its almost like one of MURPHY’S laws – If you love something, it WILL be out of stock!). Not one to give up, we managed to contact the manufacturers, who in turn got us in touch with the local distributor, who got us in touch with a retail outlet! PHEW!! – so what if you planning a child’s party, no one said it’s child’s play!

We wanted MORE (don’t we always? 🙂 ). Then came my niece to the rescue. On a casual evening visit we got talking about books (I used to love reading and she still does) and she mentioned NATIONAL BOOK TRUST. And what a little mini treasure trove it turned out to be. Highly recommend a visit!

Party Must Haves: I have always found it extremely useful to have some kind of dedicated CORNER for FREE PLAY during a birthday party. In this corner, leave whatever you have in your home that will fancy the children – crayons, paper, cars, dolls, etc. Most children don’t leave that corner, most mess is created in and isolated to that corner, making it so much easier to manage the children and clean up the house post party. Of course should you wish to give them a free reign of crayons or any such colouring material, make sure the walls are adorned with chart papers (I love my walls enough to not let them become the child’s creative outlet!).

PIñATA! I have not seen children gather together so fast as when hubby was ready to tug at the base strings of the piñata. And when the piñata burst open with all sorts of sweet goodies falling on the floor it was pure pleasure to hear delightful squeals and see little feet scampering helter skelter to pocket all the goodies.

Entertainment: Papa Lion live on the guitar. With such great talent at home (my lifetime hire 😉 ) the party SWUNG into action



2 thoughts on “Welcome to a Jungle Themed Children’s Party!

  1. Navika really enjoys the book she received as a return gift…and of course she loved the rhino cut out for the longest time that we made you part with when we left! 🙂


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