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WhatsApp Mama

What happens when you are feeding your newborn ALL the time?image

What happens when you wake up with the cry of a baby and sleep soothing a crying baby?

What happens when your meal times are not yours to leisurely enjoy but to feed a child?

What happens when your only fresh air time equals monitoring sand pit time for the children?

What happens when you have a baby/ toddler / child / children hanging onto you 24*7 (yes, even sleep is not spared)?

WhatsApp to the rescue is What happens! 🙂

Its such a wonderful and simple concept. A likeminded group is formed, chit chat begins, one mommy runs off to change her baby’s diaper, chit chat continues, she joins back, glad to not have missed any gossip; then another mommy is pulled away to act as a referee between her 2 fighting cats, she gets back and scrolls up to catch up with the ongoing chatter; another mother in the group gets into a work meeting and it goes on. The beauty of it all – It’s so inclusive. All members of the group participate at their leisure (sometimes just a hurried note), and all of them are updated with the conversation.

I have a yoga group, a group for close friends, a group for family and so on. I also have individual chats on. My phone is buzzing and I can chose to respond and catch up when I have the mental strength to attend to it (with NON STOP jibber jabber of 2 brats, even THINKING in peace is a luxury) or when I want a quick break from my reality to revel in someone else’s. I’m involved in the lives of the people who matter without feeling like I have missed out much.

WhatsApp by no means is restricted only to mothers but to the population at large. However, unlike the population at large who is at a little more liberty to pick up the phone and talk, mama’s cant really do that without one or two (God bless if you have more) children shrieking in the background. So how do we say Whats Up family and friends? We just WhatsApp!

This one App has got me connected with all my near and dear ones inspite of the never-ending demands of my lovely but occasionally tiresome children 🙂

I’m a WhatsApp Mom, Are you?

Note: This is not a WhatsApp advert. I’m not getting paid for it. Its not a bad idea though! 😉


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