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Nutella – Sweet NOTHING


Time for a little break from Peanut and Buttercup and chocolates and mithai and fats and carbs and well general no eating. Time to shape up. Why you ask? Why not?

Isnt it enough to be healthy so you can run a few meters with your children and not be panting for your life?


We just got really tired of eating all those jars of Nutella. 🙂

But seriously, our tipping point was THOSE endless jars of Nutella. Hubby and self would gloriously consume 1 BIG jar every night. With each jar downed, I would proudly add it to the existing empty-nutella-bottles-turned-masala-jars collection, much to the amusement and shock of friends who visited us. Biscuits and nutella for me, bread and nutella for hubby. We were not exercising, we were eating silly and then one fine day we bid our final adieu to our TV accompaniment- Nutella and I’m proud (also sad 😦 ) to say that we have not looked back (only to Nutella that is– other chocolate delicacies have crept back into our lives slowly and steadily).

So while Nutella was out of life, we had to sort out other quarters. Now in the midst of this resolution taking place, I travelled to my parent’s place and to the home of delectable cooking. While I definitely surprised my folks and sister, I was just as surprised personally as to how strong my resolve had become to not eat sweets and stay on course for good eating ( I guess once you are on a roll , you just keep well, rolling). SO that meant no tiramisus, no chocolate cakes, no lemon meringue pies. Zilch. Nothing. I only gave up after some strong arm twisting of aunties who wanted to invite us for dinners and would not have me starve to death (apparently eating lots of salads, fruits, veggies and smaller portions = starving). After a month of eating RIGHT, I indulged in all the GOOD. 🙂

Back home hubby had also started on his journey to health by way of starting the gym.

I got back and found an awesome yoga class. The yoga teacher even allowed me to get Buttercup with me (this was when buttercup was just about sitting). Buttercup thus became her youngest student EVER.  With every OM chant of ours, one heard an OOOOOOOO from Buttercup.

Overtime hubby and self have become each other’s best critics and we continue our journey of good eating and exercising. Nothing like a partner in crime, but REALLY nothing like a partner in GOOD LIVING. We still indulge but chose the occasions wisely ( Sadly, very sadly, Age and Metabolism have an inverse relationship) – mother or mother in law homes, celebration meals, weekend meals or just the occasional craving for a bowl of cheesy, spicy Maggi. Other days we are usually patrons of good eating.

For now our weekend indulgence beckons us – buttery delicious masala dosa and sugar laden filter coffee.



6 thoughts on “Nutella – Sweet NOTHING

  1. how can i forget 🙂 those great movie nights!!!! am glad i left it too… it actually gives you a lot more energy…. remember these kids are getting younger and we are getting older… :o)

    what i really miss is the ‘discussion after’ and our victim… who always found a way to be in the mid of controversial statements….
    miss you guys!


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