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Noddy…make way for Theatre…Books


An evening of singing, dancing, laughing and gleeful shrills is how I can sum up the Noddy in Toyland play that our family experienced.

I cannot forget the expression on Peanut’s face when Noddy entered in his red car, lights flashing and all. It was one of awe and sheer excitement to see one of his favorite characters come alive a few feet from him. Forget Peanut, I was just as thrilled to see my childhood favorite sharing the same breathing space as me. Not sure who was more tickled every time Noddy’s head bobbed around or who shrieked more when Sly and Gobbo would pull some naughty antic. It didn’t matter; we all came away with broad grins.

In this day and age of static – one-way entertainment (read: laptops and tv) theatre is such a wonderful way to entertain the little minds. Of course it has to be age appropriate and for the little wonders it’s got to be interactive. All of which this play was.

It helped that Peanut was familiar with Noddy thanks to his love of books and particularly Noddy, not to mention Dr. Seuss’s books (that needs a whole post by itself).

Books are an absolute essential to any childhood (my belief J). If you have the means, spend it on books. Make time to read atleast A book a day to your child. It’s a great bonding time and source of endless chatter.

Ofcourse children are different and some take to it like fish to water, while others are too busy just splashing around in the water to bother about the fish! Case in point – Buttercup. For a child who was born with a sibling who loves books (there was already a large collection of children’s books thanks to Peanut), who was either read to every night or was part of the reading time with Peanut, is only barely showing any signs of a being a budding book reader.

Our nightly reading time at home has Peanut carefully (remember he cant be hurried and he has that indecisive mind of a child) selecting his book from his small but expanding book collection and then settling into his favorite pillow beside the parent reading to him. Buttercup also selects her own book (no ‘careful’ here) and then starts to chew on the edges (a friend even commented on whether we had a dog, seeing the chewed corners of the books). She is then prompted to nestle into the family setting. She will appease the parents by doing so for a few seconds and then for the rest of the reading time she is busy jumping around the bed.

Her frolics have only further strengthened our resolve to get her to read. We get creative, find books or even just pages she likes and read those to her. It seems to be paying off. Sloowwllyy. She’s not chewing the corners so much, she actually likes to turn the pages herself and on a good day even focuses on a page and listens to what we have to say.

All this effort, in the hope that ONE day we can take her for a Noddy play and she will enjoy her vivid imagination being enacted a few feet from her.

Here’s to more family ‘play’ time.


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