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Brouhaha surrounding Mother-in-Laws


I utter. No let me rephrase. I whisper the word Mother-in-law and worlds go upside down. No thanks to the endless televised soaps keeping the daughter-in-law mother-in-law battle alive and kicking.

Let me start by saying that they are not our Mothers (some actually epitomize the ‘mother in law from hell’ tag!). But lets talk of the ‘good’ ones. They were never meant to take our mother’s place. So why compare (read my earlier note on comparisons) and put them on an unfair pedestal? Who can really match your own mother?

But they are what I have come to term as Mother figures. It’s like any other relationship-has to be built slowly, over time and with care, with plenty of slips along the way (What’s life without a little drama!:)). I have been fortunate enough to have one who has always been there when the time arose and whose love and compassion has enriched my life and of course Peanut and Buttercup absolutely love their ‘daadi’.

Buttercup has strong attention seeking tactics, be it her very loud ear piercing shouts (she rarely cries) or even her entry into the world. On a routine check up at the doctor’s, Buttercup decided it was time to enter the world with absolutely no preparation time or warning. In hindsight, we should not have been surprised by her dramatic entry!

While hubby ran helter-skelter, arranging paperwork and calling up mothers and fathers on both sides, I was wheeled into the OT. When I opened my eyes, mother-in-law was there by my side already putting things in motion and taking over from hubby. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have been surprised by her caring presence.

For the next 2 days we bonded over Buttercup’s late night  and many feedings. While I slept on my bed, mom in law slept on the adjacent sofa, never woke me till Buttercup absolutely needed her feed and did the rounds with the nurses when Buttercup needed attending to. All this with a smile and barely any sleep. Buttercup got to nuzzle with her daadi. This daadi refused to let her granddaughter sleep alone in the bassinet. 🙂

I think for the first time I saw her for the mother she is to hubby. The pride in her eyes when she spoke of her children, the sacrifices she made to bring up her family. I present to you Supermom 2.

It takes being a mother to know a mother and in my case it took delivering my second baby to really appreciate my mother-in-law. Thank you Buttercup for giving us the opportunity to get a little closer.


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