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Early Mornings…what a rush (literally)

early mornings

In order of appearance, Nawab, Peanut, Buttercup and Wazir came into our life.

Nawab – the Rottweiler who thinks he’s a Labrador

Peanut – the boy who loves butterflies, colours and nature

Buttercup – the girl who loves shouting, scratching, chewing on objects, walking endlessly

Wazir – the beagle who thinks he’s a Rottweiler

Now imagine all 4 of them together under 1 roof! Madness and that kind of crazy fun and games were witnessed at my parent’s place. My dad’s dream come true scenario– have his grandchildren and dogs frolicking around the house.

Mornings would start quiet and slow till one of the kids woke up. Then all of a sudden you could hear the dogs dashing towards the children’s room and the barking would begin.

Doggy talk: “Bark Bark – Hurry up and finish your morning business so that you can take me for my business.”

The kiddos LOVED to go for a walk and the dogs WOULD NOT go without them.

Now enters Peanut in this scene. Not one to be hurried for ANYTHING (but keep in mind he HAS to accompany the dogs). He would start with a slow trot towards the bathroom. En-route get distracted by the fish tank, have a chat with anyone or no one for that matter about the fish, occasionally get pushed by one of the dogs, wail a little, be pacified and then the trot to the bathroom would start again.

Morning business needs some singing and chatting (of course!) so that would take its own time. Brushing teeth comes next in the list of morning business activities but did you ever hear of a Lion needing to brush his teeth? So what if Peanut is only a 3-year-old boy, he still rules his world! And so brushing would come with its own set of struggles.

I hope you are keeping in mind that during all this, the dogs are waiting, impatience is rising, barking decibels are increasing. Finally when Peanut would emerge out of the bathroom there would be so many feet running in all directions that I’m only surprised there was no stampede.

Crossing the last mile required a change of clothes and shoes to be worn.For the strangest reason just when you would need your shoes, quick feet Wazir would be charging away with one in his mouth! Considering all the intelligence of the Beagle, this sole act of his left me dumbfounded each time. For someone in a hurry to go out, he sure added to another layer of obstacle.

Not sure about intelligence but stubbornness is definitely a trait in this crazy Beagle. For that matter stubbornness seems to be running in the family and flows through to the children and somehow even transcends to the dogs!! So then there was that prodding, cajoling, “Wazir, you want to go out, GIVE UP the shoe” and just like with children only a suitable distraction would work. A minimum 2 man team would then engage in getting the shoe out of his mouth-one person threw his favourite toy for him to run after, another person swooped in to pick up the wet gloopy shoe.

Buttercup (who is often ready in a jiffy) not to be left behind and like her very jumpy younger counterpart – Wazir, would start her screams and tugging at anyone in close proximity, pointing in the direction of the gate. Buttercup Talk: “Scream, Scream -Once the shoes are worn, what’s the delay.”

At last, the walkers would start to exit the house. The dogs dragging their respective leashes with their master – my dad, from the back; and hubby and self with our masters – the brats, from the front, to all converge at the main gate.

The irony of it all -The adventures of the walk paled in comparison to the amusing preparations for the walk.

Who needs coffee after all this?


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