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I looovve Red Scooter…


What started as a usual (whatever that means in mommy world) day turned into a mommy learning day ( have to admit – most days are like these now).

            Went to pick up my 2.5 yr  old Peanut after play school and was directing him to our car when he suddenly got all excited and started running. I was pleased to see such excitement naively assuming it was brought on by the onset of going home and maybe even seeing ‘me’. But then I saw the little feet run towards a bright red scooter. One of his playmates was getting on it with his mom.

            Peanut wanted nothing more than to jump on the scooter and join them on their joyride.

Here I was thinking of the comforts and safety my son travels in and all he could think of was to be carefree. As parents we are constantly trying to protect our children and bring the world of luxuries to them. But are we doing it for them or for our own satisfaction?

            I remember my scooter days with Papa. Some days my sister would stand in front and I would be perched behind, other days I would have the wind in my hair. Tightly hugging papa while he maneuvered around traffic, chatting with him ( his way of ensuring  that we didn’t fall asleep during the ride), my first windmill experience ( joyfully holding it up while I stood in front and let the breeze create magic with the windmill) are unforgettable.

            Would I trade the ‘comfort’ of hugging papa for the plush comfort of my car seat ?

Would I trade those enthralling traffic sounds for the predictable car music? And what about all the interactions with others on the road, would I trade that for playing with some inanimate toys while sitting in the car?

            The myriad sensations that a 2 wheeler ride opens up is… well incomparable to driving a car! And for a child just magnify those sensations to a buzzilion times! At least that’s how I always felt on my daddy’s scooter. And maybe that was what Peanut wanted to experience.

Since I couldn’t go and buy him a two wheeler (talk about indulging my child ;)) , the next best was an auto ride!!! That big ear to ear grin while sitting in the auto is etched in my mind forever.


2 thoughts on “I looovve Red Scooter…

  1. Hi Jyotsana! Read all your posts backward (last to first). Have to say I really enjoyed reading all of them. There are a lot of things I can already identify with and also got a whole new perspective about what having a second child means. Keep writing!


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