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All black and white… no more


Anyone who knows me will be nodding their head vigorously as I say the following –

I judge others actions all the time. There is a very clear right and wrong. There is very little middle ground, maybe even no grey. For everything!

            That was till Peanut was born. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t become an angel overnight (far from it J, again the heads are nodding vigorously!!) but the ‘grey’ has increased a lot. For someone who didn’t believe in superstitions and customs – “ where’s the science behind it?” “Give me the logic” to calling up my mom in law for ‘nazar utarna’ remedies, I have changed leaps and bounds.

            There is no logic but when it comes to my babies, do I really care for logic! If it helps Peanut and Buttercup then there’s NO MORE discussion! ( No angel, remember! J)

1. Children must be strapped to their car seats in the back.

2. Children must sleep on time, everyday.

3. Children must eat all their food.

4. No TV for children.

5. Definitely NO 3+4 together!!!

And the list goes on…

Enter my world now and

  1. There are situations when its ok if they are in your lap in the car ( no high speed though). And how can we blame the Indian parents, crazy traffic and god forbid you stop on the side (no designated place provided for emergencies), a big bus will honk you out of its way! So how do we appease a toddler in discomfort – the forbidden lap while driving J
  2. Ok I strive to do this everyday, but hey there are no robots anywhere. So once in a while the schedule goes awry and bedtime gets pushed to an hour or more ( ouch!) later than usual. I have learnt to make my peace with it ( Do I really have a choice?)
  3. This one I really struggled with for a very long time and sometimes still make the mistake with Buttercup. But now I try and let my child decide how much they want to eat. I read somewhere that it’s the parents part to provide all we can on the table and it’s the child’s part to eat all they can. What are we trying to achieve? Good eating habits by force feeding or gentle introduction to all kinds of food especially when they are only toddlers. Peanut suffered but hopefully there’s redemption with Buttercup.
  4. Long and many discussions on the ill effects of TV on young minds, with all and sundry changed when I needed some ‘ME’ time and put on a cartoon for my toddler. I ensure its not daily or even regular but I don’t begrudge myself if he watches a little, till I regain some sanity.
  5. Love this one!!! Meal times are mostly with a laptop (only consolation is that we the parents decide on what content he watches). Remember the no forcing, well this is our resolution. Isn’t some food going in their tummies, well then its ok! J

            I refrain from judging ( who am I to talk or feel about another’s circumstance), I’m a lot more flexible and a lot more open to new ideas and ways of doing things ( not very creative and so hubby to the rescue… but I listen to his inputs).

Thank you Peanut and Buttercup.


6 thoughts on “All black and white… no more

  1. After explolring a handful of the articles on your blog, I truly like your technique of writing a blog.
    I bookmarked it to my bookmark site list and will be checking back soon. Take a look at my website
    too and let me know what you think.


  2. Your blog is refreshingly different. Au contraire to the concept of Tiger Mom which I personally detest. I would much rather want my kids to sleep happy and wake up happy. Life shouldnt be a doctrine of rules and regulations cast in stone, at this age for them. We re-live parts of our lives through our kids, lets just aim to make it a fun filled sojourn for them (for as long as we can :))


  3. Thank you for writing the blog and giving an expression to our thoughts,musings, accomplishments 🙂 I never thought I would be fed food taken out from their mouth!!! I never thought so much love could exist in that…. The I love you! Me being daddy n papa at the same time… Both kids in my lap and we dancing and panting…. Well not in that order….
    We miss the days… We miss our intense fights and arguments on all issues… Raising these bunch of monkeys being one….
    All I pray is for wisdom that we steer them in the right direction….and damn its DIFFICULT :0)


    1. Thanks a lot Saurav for taking the time out to read and comment on the blog. Peanut remembers and misses his ‘Sauvar’ uncle everyday. Love that we all have an opinion and a strong one at that on practically everything. 🙂 and then we love to share that. Fun times


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